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Collective Poem Section 8

22 Apr

Here is the collective poem that was created by your section back in  March inspired by Exercises in the Restoration in History. Many thanks to Khalid for editing this piece, great job!!


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

7 Mar

Here’s a link to a video that, once you get over the shock value, has a very poignant message about education and media (and children’s cartoons also)


Lupe Fiasco’s Bxtch Bad

28 Feb

-Explicit Language Warning-

This was an alternative I had for the first blog assignment.

It’s a song by Lupe Fiasco where he talks about misogynistic lyrics. I find that this song sticks to me because it talks about how the media portrays women and because it echos what one woman said in the documentary Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes: “It’s not directed towards you personally. It’s just what they sayin’; Sex sells… But I know he’s not talking to me.

But this song (and documentary) is trying to convey the idea that women (and men) should be offended because the song IS talking about them and spreading a misogynistic idea/image irresponsibly.

Anyways, if any of you have time, give the song a listen.
I also recommend watching the documentary also; it’s got a runtime of only about 56min.


Susan Crawford on Internet Access

11 Feb

Fiber; Apparently, also good for the internet.

Terrible pun aside, wider access to internet would sure be a nice notion to making communication more “distributive”.

And agreements between ISPs? So that’s the aftermath of the Verizon vs Cable ad campaign.

Cyberbullying At Work

6 Feb

I thought I’d share this ‘info sheet’ that I found online regarding cyberbullying at work place. This speaks to our discussion that we had in Section 8 today; it moves the discussion from youth to adults and how similiar tactics are applied.