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What’s resonated with me.

2 Apr

I think the most major effect that this class has produced in me is that it forced me to question my assumptions about people from their sense of style, and the images they portray. In my own experience, style was an all-powerful judge of your identity, and my rejection of it alienated me from my peers. When this happens, it’s easy to write off their actions as self-motivated and cruel, simple acts of malice intended to improve their own status among their peers. What has ultimately resonated with me in this class was the idea that I was not alone in this sensation, and those people I disliked were really just coping with the very same problems, albeit in a very different way. I try not to judge people according to their sense of style anymore, though I have been conditioned to through my public school experience. It ignores their side of the story.


what has resonated with me thus far.

29 Mar

I feel that in the small amount of time in which we have learned about media and its roots, it has impacted to change my opinion and appreciate it way more. The fact that media originated in a way to rebel and let your voices be heard no matter how oppressed your group of people were, is pure inspiration. The early signs of the media with the African American community developed a way to provide information and education to most that were deprived of it all their life. Sometimes I wonder why is it that the media today is so censored and controlled by the government if it was once the only means in which you could do the opposite. I was also amazed to find out that with the photographs taken for messages and to provide impact were actually altered and not purely natural. For example having an idea of what the pic will look like and making the situation come true rather then just stumbling unto something amazing and capturing it. Moving images was something in which was pointed out in class and I never really had put any thought into it until now, As i take the train or see an ad I feel as if I’m crowded with media everywhere I go and realize that it has taken over the world slowly .

What has resonated with my soul? (Michael Chu-A-Kong)

25 Mar

This class has me more intrigued than you might see. Ii find it absolutely fascinating that the human race has been fighting itself for centuries. I find it interesting that we commend the people who’ve fought for humanity. We’ve studied the journeys people have been through in “The Black Press” and in the issue of the “New York Times” where people are fighting for simplistic humanity. It’s saddening to see that we can’t get our shit together. But for what it’s worth, I enjoy looking at these journeys for freedom and equality. I understand that our generation has its own journey to take on to make sure humanity doesn’t die down. A large factor of if our journey will play any successful role down the line is whether we will challenge our current government. I think we should be rather careful as I’ve noticed a transition from community-based individuals to money-driven individuals which means we’re eating out of the palm of the government. Perhaps the second half of our media class will prepare us more.

What’s Resonated With Me So Far (Joshua Makower-Brown)

22 Mar

What’s resonated with me so far is the general idea of power and those who control it. It’s made me think of my school experiences. Various groups of people throughout history have had ideas about numerous topics, yet were forbidden from expressing them by others because they were in a position to not allow it. Frankie Mae, for example, had information that varied from her boss’, but when confronted, he shut Frankie Mae down. This is similar to schools. In a classroom, a student can have a good idea, but it could go unheard if the teacher does not call on him or her. Likewise, if a student has different ideas than a teacher, he or she can receive a bad grade on a task because his or her ideas vary from what the teacher wants to hear or read. 

what resonated with me

21 Mar

Something that resonated with me was what Professor Ewen was saying about self improvement. When someone says “self improvement” the first thing you think of is some kind of physical change or modification. When the influence of media and society makes physical appearance so important to us, we automatically connect “self improvement” with diets, workouts, or makeovers. What about actually improving our actions, our attitudes, and our behaviors? Whether we admit it or not, we are a society who does in fact judge books by their covers,  so to speak.. If we’re going to improve on anything it should be how we treat others.

What has resonated with me?

21 Mar

Something that resonated with me was the “Style Wars” documentary and the idea of a moving message. Before I watched this, I thought graffiti was just a crime. After watching it and reading another article, I had a new outlook on image, censorship, and control. The government branding graffiti as a crime, in order to keep the city clean, was the right thing to do. Allowing advertisements on trains was not. Although a moving message is very effective, it is hypocritical to allow advertisements but not graffiti. What is the difference between an ad and a “tag”? They both showcase an image or identity. I see no difference. Technically, if I pay a high enough amount of money to MTA, I can tag a train and “advertise” my name. It disturbs me that someone can commit a crime as long as they pay up.

What Has Resonated With Me So Far

21 Mar

The discussions and work surrounding the film “Style Wars” has resonated with me most so far this semester. I personally have never really cared to know much about graffiti, but this film changed my whole perspective on the art. Before watching the film, I thought that graffiti was just a hobby and it was, and still is used to just tag names, not art. But “Style Wars”, a film made way before the time I was born, broadened my perspective on graffiti and allowed me to see that at one point it was all art, not vandalism. I also learned that graffiti does not symbolize simply one’s hobby, it is one’s culture. As the class viewed the reactions of the artists as political officials made it harder for them to do what they loved, proved the importance of graffiti to me. These taggers were disheartened by the actions of adding fences to train yards and the city doing everything possible in order to prevent them from tagging. They were no longer able to express themselves and that forever affected their lives. This film transformed the way I now see graffiti, and this change has stood out to me as a highlight so far this semester.