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Free Expression (Parveen Keynejad)

27 Feb

I found on Stumble Upon “106 of the most memorable street art photos 2012” This really struck out to me. All of the images are beautiful and interesting. I would preserve this image in particular because it has an important message : money can control us completely. This street art image represents two main things that i would want to be preserved. The first thing is freedom of expression. This world changes so much over time and who knows where we will be in the future, so i would want those people to know that expression can be anywhere or anything and has the ability to be everywhere even our streets. Self creative expression is one the most important and beautiful things that we have as humans. Its so important to always remember to do so no matter the medium. The second important thing ithis image represents, which is related to creative expression, is the message behind it. Money should not control everything. Though that is a timeless issue, it should be preserved because it should never go over our heads the way that it already does from time to time. So to me it is most important to preserve and show the future that you should be able to express yourself the way we can now, and paper money should not be the top priority. I think this image does a great representation of both.


Star Wars and The Hero’s Journey

26 Feb


We all know what this is. This is one of the most iconic images in the history of cinema. Luke has just faced down the Legendary Darth Vader and came up short. Specifically, one hand short. And to add insult to injury, Vader drops one of the biggest bombs of all time, that he was actually Luke’s father! I know, it still gives me chills! And I could think of no better image to represent the tale of Star Wars. Well, the original tale and in most minds, including my own, the ONLY tale. But I digress, what is Star Wars. Well it’s the American Revolution. It’s David vs Goliath. It’s the little guy coming out on top despite facing seeming insurmountable odds(…well, except in the scene above). It’s the true tale of the underdog. All very valid and inspirational themes that are prevelant in our society and all things that need to be preserved. But above all, it is the Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s Journey, or “Monomyth” is a basic template of story telling that has been around, seeming, since we first gathered round the campfire after a long day on the hunt. (Those who don’t understand the term can find a nice outline here: ). And no matter what may happen, stories must continue in whatever form they may be it books, movies, games, music, you name it. And an absolutely HUGE portion of these stories at least begin with nothing more than this Basic template, the Hero’s Journey. I choose Star Wars to illustrate these things because, well, it’s awesome. But more than that, because it speaks to me as it does to millions of others. It is a cherished memory. Oh how I wish I could watch it all over again from the begining without the knowledge that Vader is Luke’s father because it was simply that iconic a moment. And the whole Universe of Star Wars has become a template in it of itself, that against which all great Sci-Fi is based. I can think of no better story to pass down to the next generations to teach them what I and so many others have learned.

A Student and a Soldier

25 Feb


The Vietnam War arose a mass of  disillusionment from college students all around the U.S. Students from every campus joined together to further protest the oppositions they felt towards this war. A war that caused more casualties as each day passed. Around 58,272 in action and non-combative casualties resulted from this war. Amongst those soldiers were drafted men that had no desire to enlist or risk their lives in this way. As many as 40,000 men were being drafted each month. I find this picture so profound because in a certain time of history students like us were faced with a situation that we had no desire to be in. Where our rights were taken away from us. The student and the soldier were as one in this picture. This piece of media would be my most preserved image.


The Turning Point

25 Feb

This is an image of Martin Luther King Jr. making his famous speech in Washington DC on civil rights. If I wanted to preserve some piece of media, it would be historical, like this one. Not only did Martin Luther King speak of civil rights, he spoke of equality and intergration, something that anchors, writers, and other positions that spread media posses today. Without Martin Luther King Jr., the world would no be where it is today socially and politically. Although teens of today know of Martin Luther King Jr., they will never know what he went through emotionally to accomplsih the great things he did. These things took confidence, pride, and a substantial amount of hope in order to strive to achieve equality and intergration. Therefore, Martin Luther King Jr. should never be forgotten and would be a piece of media I would carry on into the future for its great importance and historical meaning. This was a turning point in history, something that changed the world for the better, and most importantly instilled hope into the hearts of every human being.Image

Media and Tragedy in New York

25 Feb

ImageJust this October in New York City, a horrible tragedy occurred when the nanny of three children murdered two of the three kids. This woman was at home with the two kids when the mother was out with the other and stabbed them to death in the bathtub. When the mother returned to her Upper West Side apartment, she came home to the most traumatic scene of her life. Screams were heard all throughout the neighborhood and cops surrounded the area. After this incident, the NYC community had a complete new look on nannies. Parents began to fear about the safety of their children in the hands of their current caretakers. Many resorted to buying cameras to watch over their kids and some nannies lost their jobs; this unfortunate event even made it extremely hard for people to get new nanny jobs. The way the media portrayed this incident created a negative outlook on nannies for years to come.

Stay Strong Staten Island

25 Feb


I have lived on Staten Island for 15 years now, and I have never felt the loyalty and unity of my home town before Hurricane Sandy. If there is one imagine I could preserve from the media today, I would preserve the imagines of every Staten Islander raising their hands and helping each other out. Thankfully, I was not affected by Hurricane Sandy, but I remember waking up with power the next day and seeing the damage that this horrific natural disaster left behind. Through the use of Twitter and Facebook, awareness spread quickly of every Islander’s needs and donations of food, clothing, blankets, toiletries, anything and everything that the affected needed were being sent and gathered and supplied everywhere. It was always said that “Staten Island is the forgotten borough” and we felt it during the weeks of Sandy, but we all banned together and helped each other put. I have never been so proud to call Staten Island my home after seeing everyone come together and support one another.

Media and Children

25 Feb
559209-32023-51The media when it first made an impact on the world, was a tool used for two major causes – advertising and broadcasting news. Entertainment slowly followed in pursuit, because entrepreneurs saw it as a way to pull in the masses using the same technique media had when it came to news and advertising. There was a time when the radio was solely one’s source of fun and amusement, with talk shows and music making it first out into the world as the primary go-to medium. People depended on it not just for news, but to while away time doing something they loved – tuning in to music.

The business of using the media to expel information, is not exactly a clean-cut scenario. Everyday running news on channels, isn’t all that it is hyped up to be with a lot of it held back from the public for fear of a reaction that they think they’ve foreseen. At the end of the day, people have to be able to handle the truth, but the media has a way of masking this to make it less impactful on them.

Children are glued to their television sets day in and day out, watching mindless programs that aren’t really helping them multiply gray matter, but rather depleting it. Parents and adults should encourage kids to watch educational matter, things that will help them build upon their knowledge about what is going on in the world, about history that has packed itself into our pasts that is worth looking back on and remembering. In this section we explore in detail the impact of media on children, and how this century more than any other, has made quite an impression on them.

Media Impact on Children

When advertisers sit around their round tables wondering how to promote something their client insists has to sell in millions by week one, their main focus is their target consumers. Is it kids? Adults? The old? Today the largest consumers worldwide are kids more than adults. Gadgets and the works that have been releasing everyday by the hundreds are not getting the adults worked up, but the kids!

The Reality of Advertising on Kids
Today 10-year-olds may have laptops of his/her own, and 13-year-olds will already have nestled in their pockets the latest Blackberry or iPhone offering. How many kids are willing to wait to come of age before they receive these things? None. Today it’s ‘I want this’, and ‘I want that’ with really no control on their demands because let’s face it, you cannot confine your child in a room with no television and Internet facilities. Even newspapers/magazines will have advertisements slathered all over themselves, which let’s face it, are quite tempting like their visual counterparts.

The Media as a Powerful Tool
Let’s take fashion for example; how many kids are dressing up like their favorite celebrities or following a trend that some magazine or fashion show dictated? How many kids are stocking up on Vogue and Seventeen? When it comes to the youth it is a monkey-see-monkey-do situation, where what they witness in the media is immediately in their wardrobe, eaten for breakfast, signed up for at the nearest gym, bought at the store and stocked up on in their rooms. The media as a whole, is a gargantuan and persistent beast, where everything it flashes or presents to you, is the ultimate thing in the world that you must have.
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