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Description(Julia, Jared, Venetia, & Serra)

28 Apr

Our project focuses on international teen sex trafficking. The reason why we decided to make a campaign on sex trafficking because it is a big problem that takes place everyday. We plan to make a video about the subject to draw the public in about the subject and tell them about local organizations that help the children. This subject was a great interest to us because it can happen to anybody at any random moment.


CUNY TUITION HIKE- Group 3, Section 007

23 Apr



From 2010 to 2013 CUNY tuition fee has been raised from $4000 to $5730/year for NYC residents. It is nearly a 43% increase during the period. Students’ tuition fees have increased dramatically over the past few years despite the fact that CUNY’s main financial resources are the aid from the State and the City. This steep increase in tuition threats not only resident students in the city, but also out-of-state and international students, who pay twice as much. Even worse, the APR for the student loan will increase significantly to twice as high as the average mortgage rate. Our main goal is to rise consciousness on current tuition hike issues and encourage direct action through social media campaigns including interview clips and digital images.

          We will interview students whom are struggling with the financial strain which the CUNY system has created. Reflect on the outlook and opinions of those who are affected. There have been various protests made by the students and those can also be added as pics for the campaign message. Once a student graduates college depending on what degree they decide to pursue it takes them up to 5-10 years to pay off the loans; this is after becoming a professional due to the interest rate hikes and the tuition never ending discourse.

Many third world countries provide free education to all their motivated citizens. The United States is one the most important empire and can certainly afford free tuition for all.

  Our inspiration is derived from our own experience and struggles with the tuition hikes at Hunter college. This is something that every student has to put up with and everyone can relate to. It is constantly left under the rug and students feel impotent in changing the tuition policy.
Research & Image production: Donghyuk Chang
Pitch: Anthony Bynum

Shahida Haider-Research
Evelyn Almonte-Research

The Photo Play and the Mind

15 Apr

 In The Photoplay: A Psychological Study (1916), Hugo Münsterberg claimed that movies “act as our imagination acts. [They have] the mobility of our ideas which are not controlled by the physical necessity of outer events but by the psychological laws for the association of ideas.  In our mind past and future become intertwined with the present. The photoplay obeys the laws of the mind rather than those of the outer world.”  

Drawing examples from the Musterberg article and the films “The Kleptomaniac” (1905) and “ “Sherlock, Jr.” (1924),  discuss the  ways these films contribute to the evolution of storytelling in American movies from a style based on the factual presentation of events to one that builds on the associations made by the mind.

This is due  by Thursday April 18, 2013 @ 9:00am. Also, please be sure to respond to two of your classmates posts.

Personality and Character

8 Apr

Drawing from one of works by  Malcolm X (Saved), Benjamin Franklin (‘Continuation’..’Autobiography’), Barbara Ehrenreich, or Horatio Alger (Ragged Dick) discuss how character and personality are used in their work. What are the differences between the two?  Consider how might our discussion on manipulation tie in this analysis? Please include atleast one quote in your response. *Section 08- We will talk about manipulation next lab but your initial thoughts on manipulation are welcomed.   Your responses should be atleast 2 paragraphs. Additionally, please remember to respond to two of your classmates posts.

Please post your response by Thursday April 11, 2013 at 12:00pm. Late responses will not be accepted.

What’s Resonated With You So Far

18 Mar

We  have explored a variety of issues in lecture and in our discussions sections surrounding the media: image, censorship, image, identity, vernacular, control, manipulation, literacy, free thinking, etc… So far what’s resonated with you? Draw from our readings and discussion to explore an issue and briefly discuss in a paragraph or so what’s resonated with you.

This is due Thursday March 21, 2013 at 5:00pm.

Yes Men and Samples Project 2

13 Mar


The following is a hoax or spoof of the New York Times newspaper from 2009.  The headlines and articles provide a social commentary that contradicts the current events/affairs, created by “The Yes Men”, a popular group of artists that subvert mainstream media in creative ways. Similar to your assignment,  this project  takes an original or official image and changes it’s meaning.  Below you will find video about the New York Times project. Finally, the last link on the post is a  student project from last semester.

Student Project 1 &2

Part 2

Corpse Poem-Closed

11 Mar


The corpse poem is closed. I accepted contributions until 5:00pm yesterday, which I extended from12:00. It is important to adhere to the deadlines posted for each blog assignment. For the future I will not be accepting late blog posts.