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Final Exam

17 May

The final exam will be held on Wednesday May 22, 2013 in our regular room  614 HW from 11:30-1:30 . Please feel free to bring all notes and sources needed for the  exam.  I encourage everyone to outline your responses to each question on the study guide  so that you can organize your thoughts and write your essay easily the day of the exam. ** Note if you will need to bring an image to respond to one of the questions please bring the image with you and something to attach your image to your  blue book. I will not accept emailed links.


Study Session

17 May

The study session for the final will be held on Monday May 20, 2013 at  5:00 pm in room 1216 Hunter East. Please be sure to rsvp if you plan to attend. The room has limited space so, if there is a larger turnout than I am expecting I will have to plan accordingly. Please rsvp by Sunday May 19, 2013.

Campaign Proposal/Deliverables

11 May

Please provide one 5-7 page proposal for your campaign outlining the areas described in the assignment description. Additionally, each group member must provide a half page to one page evaluation/production report. Please indicate your role, what was successful about the project, what you’ve learned, what could be improved or what you may have done differently, and what your experience was like working with your group mates.

Campaign Update

4 May

Please provide in a detailed paragraph or two update on your campaign. Include information regarding what you are currently working on, next steps, or any obstacles you may be experiencing. Also, please note that you should be compiling all this information into your proposal (which will be due in our last discussion section). Finally, please let me know of any extenuating circumstances or issues that I should be aware of or need to be involved with.

This is due by Tuesday May 7, 2013 @ 9:00pm.


24 Apr

Pitches are short idea/concept sharing sessions that usually involve an audience of one or more that requires support (usually financial)  for their idea. Feedback from pitches can be used to refine details from the initial stages of your concept to the execution of the concept.  Keep in mind your pitches should be no longer than 3 minutes.  Below you will find a few helpful links on pitching. (Note: A lot of the examples are business pitches and revolve around making money, you don’t need to explain how you will make money from your campaign).

Things to consider when pitching:

-Why is my idea important?

– Who is my audience?

-How will my idea/concept be effective?

-How do I plan to execute my idea?

Finally, remember have fun with this!

*This is a reminder that pitches will be held May 1, 2013.

Collective Poem Section 8

22 Apr

Here is the collective poem that was created by your section back in  March inspired by Exercises in the Restoration in History. Many thanks to Khalid for editing this piece, great job!!

Project Description for Campaign

22 Apr

I have amended the due date because I think that there is confusion about what your project description should contain.  I thought I listed questions for you to consider previously but I didn’t. For those of you who have submitted please consider my comments and questions below. Please post your project description (updated) for your campaign no later than Saturday April 27, 2013 at 10:00 am. Your project description should include the number of your group, your section, and the names of your members. In the heading of your post please include the subject or title of your project.

Consider the following when creating your project description:

  • What is your project? What type of campaign is it?
  • How you plan to do it?
  • What inspired your project?