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Sunnyside Campaign and video

15 May

So I just wanted to post our website and video here so that everyone in the class can learn more about our efforts to save the sunnyside afterschool program and hopefully join us at future events.



What has resonated with me (Jacob Mark)

21 Mar

One of the issues that resonated with me was the idea of manipulation. I felt that while inadvertent the photo professor ewen showed in class of the man without a head was a great example of this. To me it showed the power of the media to manipulate reality to the point that we the students in the class were not seeing a man on the phone but rather a headless man in a booth. The fact that this was simply a photo professor ewen shot on the street stressed to me the ease with which the public could be manipulated. I thought that if this is what could be done with minimal work on the part of the photographer than the limits for manipulation seem boundless.