Campaign Update- Group Two: Race and the Media

7 May

Our campaign for raising awareness about the use of race in the presentation of news stories is going well. We’ve decided to make a Tumblr blog to spread awareness, as Tumblr is simple to use and has many users who can help us spread the word (link). In order to raise initial interest in our blog, we plan to hand out small papers which have our website title and a catching slogan. We already have several articles which use coverage of the bombings in Boston and the Travon Martin shooting as examples saved as drafts. We have yet to draft an example of what we think should be ideal coverage of a story should be. We plan to do this in the coming week. All group members have access to the blog, so we can all add, edit, and promote content. We also plan to continue adding links to articles, and post videos and our original text explaining our overall goal.

Group members:

Joshua Makower-Brown, Eric Spears, Colleen Egan, Stefanie Ponce


One Response to “Campaign Update- Group Two: Race and the Media”

  1. makiaharper May 8, 2013 at 3:01 am #

    Great to hear you will have a web presence. Also, consider how you go about reaching large audience. How might this go viral? Also, consider what your campaign will look like. Will you model the Yes Men, Red it, use satire..?

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