Group 3- “scare-paigns”

27 Apr

For our campaign we would like to raise awareness of the scare tactics used in advertisements in every day media and explain why it is ineffective. As a resident of New York City, we are bombarded with ads warning us of the dangers of smoking, texting while driving, and drinking. The advertisers use the same tactics to also warn against soda consumption and having a baby “too early”. We plan to compare ads from other countries or states and expose the overall theme of them. Is negative enforcement effective? Being a subject to these ‘scare-paigns’ is enough to inspire research on it. We plan to use posters to raise awareness.

Section: 008

Group 3

Kimberly Garcia

Basil Christy

Ileana Cancinos

Parveen Keynejad

Saudia Yunis


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