Social Media Campaign

24 Apr

Movement of American Education Standards


1. Situation Analysis

The Education system in America, once considered one of the best in the world, has fallen behind its Asian and Western European competitors since 1955. The standard set for teachers and students has increasingly declined over the past few decades, forcing the criteria of proficiency on areas such as math, science, and reading to be lowered in order to push students towards graduation. Meanwhile, the immigration of individuals whose level of education reaches the lower levels has become a great factor of population growth in the U.S. However, about 50% of African Americans and Hispanics are unable to complete High School and therefore enroll in college. Consequently, the disparity among specific racial groups has widened, concentrating illiteracy in a rapidly growing workforce.

Hence, if the educational standards continue to decline as the inequality among racial groups continue to increase, the impact will fall on the economic stability of our nation. It will decrease the personal income per capita, as well as our ability to compete in a global market.

2. Objectives

  • Our Vision:

We seek educational uniformity across the United States, in the level of education completed by students regardless of background is raised to that of the current five best-performing states: Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, and Arkansas.

  • Key goals:

 Raise public awareness and understanding about the decline of education standards. Persuade the public to seek changes in policy bringing more funding and focus to education. Consequently, students that emerge from a sustainable educational development will be able to influence public authorities to adequately protect high academic standards.

 3. Strategic Planning

  •  Intended Audience:

The intended audience for this project falls into public policy makers such as Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, public school educators, students of all ages, parents, and community groups.

  • Message Development and Audience Engagement:

Low educational standards have negatively affected the United States. We will implement Social Media elements in order to convey our message. The creation of a Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Storify accounts will allow us to connect with the public, as well as link our group with other programs that share our mission. Similarly, we will captivate the audience attention through the use of visual components, such as graphs, images, and videos related to our topic.

  •  Audience Retention and Growth:

In order to maximize search engine optimization efforts, prompt specific reactions, monitor audience habits, and strategize according to the collected data, we will tailor and post a video on Youtube.

4. Member’s Role in Execution and Implementation

  • Vanessa Gonzalez:

 Manager of Social Media Accounts

  • Kevin Ovalles:


  • Layla Janoff:




MEMBERS: Vanessa Gonzalez, Kevin Ovalles, Layla Janoff.


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