Race and the Media-Group 2 (Section 008)

24 Apr

Group 2: Stefanie Ponce, Eric Spears, Colleen Egan, Joshua Makower-Brown

We plan to do our project on the Media’s handling of news coverage in which race was a factor in covering the story. Different news stations are often geared towards one audience such as Democrat, Republication as well as different social groups. They will often use means such as race to gear the audience’s opinion and support to one side based on old standing racial stereotypes. A news station will use images, interviews and video footage in various ways in order to appeal to the opinions of the groups who frequent their station. Examples of this are the Travon Martin case and the violent attacks on Muslims or those belived to be Muslim after September 11th. It is also used to gain the support of those who have not yet developed an opinion of a news story. We plan to research cases in which race was brought up or was a factor and how the various news stations such as MBC, CNN, Fox News and others covered them and compare how each handled the same story. We plan to get the message across of the Media exploiting people’s perception of race to gear peoples support for a news story in a certain direction.


One Response to “Race and the Media-Group 2 (Section 008)”

  1. makiaharper April 24, 2013 at 5:05 am #

    Hi Group 2,
    Great topic! What type of campaign will you be creating? How do you plan to execute it?

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