CUNY TUITION HIKE- Group 3, Section 007

23 Apr



From 2010 to 2013 CUNY tuition fee has been raised from $4000 to $5730/year for NYC residents. It is nearly a 43% increase during the period. Students’ tuition fees have increased dramatically over the past few years despite the fact that CUNY’s main financial resources are the aid from the State and the City. This steep increase in tuition threats not only resident students in the city, but also out-of-state and international students, who pay twice as much. Even worse, the APR for the student loan will increase significantly to twice as high as the average mortgage rate. Our main goal is to rise consciousness on current tuition hike issues and encourage direct action through social media campaigns including interview clips and digital images.

          We will interview students whom are struggling with the financial strain which the CUNY system has created. Reflect on the outlook and opinions of those who are affected. There have been various protests made by the students and those can also be added as pics for the campaign message. Once a student graduates college depending on what degree they decide to pursue it takes them up to 5-10 years to pay off the loans; this is after becoming a professional due to the interest rate hikes and the tuition never ending discourse.

Many third world countries provide free education to all their motivated citizens. The United States is one the most important empire and can certainly afford free tuition for all.

  Our inspiration is derived from our own experience and struggles with the tuition hikes at Hunter college. This is something that every student has to put up with and everyone can relate to. It is constantly left under the rug and students feel impotent in changing the tuition policy.
Research & Image production: Donghyuk Chang
Pitch: Anthony Bynum

Shahida Haider-Research
Evelyn Almonte-Research


One Response to “CUNY TUITION HIKE- Group 3, Section 007”

  1. makiaharper April 23, 2013 at 9:21 pm #

    Hi Group 1:
    I need to see more detail with your project description a minimum of 1 paragraph max two. How are you planning to set up your campaign? Other than yourselves will there be others involved? Will there be a culminating event? Will it be a poster campaign, video?

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