Photoplay (Mary Carpenter)

18 Apr

No matter if you are going to the movie theaters once a day or once a year, it is always been a place were people can escape. Back in the 1910’s, movies were very “black and white”. There colorless films not only portrayed to their look but also how they shot their movies. In “The Kleptomaniac” we are shown a clear story where our minds do not have to put all the pieces together, but is more directed through the story. Although the movie had no words, the photographs and pictures were able to give us the complete narrative. As moves are continually changing, we are finding more and more ways to enhance film. In 1920’s, the film “Sherlock Jr.”, still gave us that clear definition of who is good, and who is bad but we also get a new way of viewing movies. With the shots going in and out, with all different effects, we are able to add all the pieces together and create a story. Still today we are having evolutions in film, whether we are going to watch movies in 3-D or watching old 1920’s movies, we are given the chance to escape and learn something new every time.   


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