Photoplay (Julia Lin)

18 Apr

In Sherlock Jr. we saw that the girl happened to be at the pawn shop at the very exact moment the culprit passes the shop. In reality, this does not always happen, it rarely ever does. I felt that the way this film dealt with different scenes was quite clever. There was a great deal of coincidental movements. Everything the main character did, there was a predictable follow up. For example when Sherlock Jr. pictured himself in the movie “Hearts & Pearls”, every move he made was perfectly transitioned into the next scene. If he was about to sit on something, he would fall down onto the ground. Every take flowed gracefully after the other.

In “Kleptomaniac”, the scenes were shot differently compared to “Sherlock Jr.” and in Kleptomaniac, there were serious issues being addressed which was able to bring the viewers to think about society’s issues. For example, the wealthy lady was not penalized for stealing jewelry and the poor lady with a child was put away for stealing bread (a cheaper product). It was interesting how both offenders were put in the same trial. Usually trials were made separately depending on specific crimes. (Theft on different levels.) I felt that the director wanted the viewers to really become engaged in the issues features on screen and wanted to give full understanding to the viewers.


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