Photoplay and the Mind

18 Apr

The films, “The Kleptomaniac” and “Sherlock, Jr.” were both shot during very basic
technological times in the United States and around the world. The factual
presentation they brought to the table was intertwined perfectly with the associations
that the viewer would make with his/her mind.
The actions and events that the film portrayed were easily and clearly
depicted by the viewer, as they were intended to be. The methods these movies
used were adopted for future use and evolved into something bigger than ever
today. In horror movies, the setting, music, and events all create a factual
basis for viewers to build off of. Once this foundation is established, the associations
that the mind makes are limited to what the movie provides the viewer with. This
is similar to many other movie genres that use these same techniques to convey
a certain interpretation of what people are watching. For example, if someone
sees a bank being robbed in a movie, and cops surrounding the scene, their mind
already is limited to two options of what the outcome will be. Either they will
get caught, which has a higher possibility based on what is being viewed. Or
the bank robbers will get away, something that is unlikely to happen, but we
all know anything is possible. The evolution of special effects is what mainly causes
the idea of anything to be possible to arise. Since, “The Kleptomaniac” and “Sherlock,
Jr.”, the green screen was incorporated into movies and caused a major change
in what a movie can do. This allowed the viewer’s mind to further explore and
create more associations with what they see. An evolution that sparked a
turning point in the film making industry.


One Response to “Photoplay and the Mind”

  1. serracanca April 18, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

    I feel as though, as well as camera shots, music/sound also has so much to do with the presentation of a film.. and this is something people overlook far too often.

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