18 Apr

Every film contributes to the evolution of storytelling in movies, either by reinforcing a style, or creating something new. ‘The Kleptomaniac’ provided a factual presentation of events by choosing not to give a “happy ending” for the visibly poor woman that stole a loaf of bread for her family, but excusing the rich woman because of an illness when she steals from a department store. By not interrupting this outcome for the poor woman, the audience is not left to make any sort of assumption, only to understand the film’s message that justice favors the wealthy. 

In ‘Sherlock Jr.’ we see a change in film making with its editing and special effects changing the way the story is told. The audience learns that Sherlock Jr.’s story alternates from “real-life” to “dream world” as he detaches himself from his physical self and jumps into the movie theater screen. The special effect was key in this film because otherwise the audience would not have differentiated when the character was dreaming, and when he was awake, affecting the audience’s ability to understand the story being told.


2 Responses to “Photoplay”

  1. khalidvetro April 18, 2013 at 1:01 pm #

    Even though Sherlock Homes has visual effects that has one guys imaginary self leaving his body, it undoubtedly plays a key role mentally in how the viewer views the movie as a whole.

  2. jarede24 April 18, 2013 at 1:07 pm #

    It is true that the illusion by special affects is what caused the viewer to realize that there was an alternate side of the character. This method was carried out effectively and evolved throughout history.

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