The Photo Play and the Mind (Mariya S)

17 Apr

Movies often depict everyday life, some influence our day to day lives and others depict our day our day to day lives. Our mind is a very powerful thing, and it is definitely influenced by what we see weather it be in real life, or in a movie. The movie “Sherlock Jr” is a silent film, since there are no words it allows us, the viewers, to be in charge of the play by play. We are able to come up with various possibilities of what’s going on and what’s being said. There is no right or wrong answer, however; our mind is in full control. “The Kleptomaniac” is a story about two women who are caught stealing and how they are prosecuted. One is a poor woman who steals a loaf of bread and another is a regular woman. Automatically, we make assumptions, that is the way our brain is programmed, stealing=bad, but as the movie progresses, I think that our mind is expanded to believe different things.


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