Personality and Character~

12 Apr

In Ehrenreich’s “Bright sided” motivational speakers have found a way to enter into the minds of people and elude them into thinking that there is a positive outlook on life especially the economical side to it even when crisis is at brink. For this reason their personality has to change, instead of insisting on having negativity in the workplace they’re required to present a double side to them and show a more “upbeat” persona. Therefore their true character is not fully exposed in this certain environment. Speakers like Osteen even suggest to “fake it” at the workplace.Although, not everyone agrees with this perspective people like Steve Eisman whom was pressured to be a more upbeat person and upbeat was not his style so therefore he rated certain companies as “sell” because that is what he truly believed. Finding people who won’t succumb to the trickery that speakers and bosses have evidently forced them to endure is unfortunately  not as common as one would think because their alternative is getting fired or even worse loosing hope.

With these kind of motivational speakers their words have become the downright definition of manipulation. Positive thinkers are being fooled by these ideas that supposedly “God caused the bank to ignore my credit score and bless me with my first house.” In what world are we living in where our minds can easily be manipulated into thinking we need something when in reality we don’t and not only will it be harmful for us but for the entire economy if everybody else is following our footsteps I think thats exactly what Ehrenreich is trying to express in this chapter. “American optimism carries over into our economy, which is one reason why we’ve always been a nation of inventors and thinkers, of innovators and experimenters…Optimism also explains why we spend so much and save so little.… Our willingness to go deep into debt and keep spending is intimately related to our optimism.”


One Response to “Personality and Character~”

  1. makiaharper April 14, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

    Thank you for your thoughtful commentary. It would be interesting to consider the role of ‘positive thinking’ and role that in played in the flux of sub prime mortgages. Many people did not consider the long term obligations of the financial commitment and were also enticed by the limited buzz words of bankers. While, I believe positive thinking does have merit and is important we also must be aware of the very intentional and manipulative sub culture that can be created.

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