Personality & Character (Saudia Yunus)

11 Apr

One reading in which I found a conflicting sense of personality vs. character is Malcolm X’s piece, “Saved.” As we discussed in lecture and discussion, personality and character have distinct meanings. While personality is the way a person presents themselves to others (what they say, how they act), a person’s character is their “core” or “true self.” A person’s character reflects whom he/she is when they are by themselves. (Ultimately having no one to put on a show for or please with certain personality attributes.)

Malcolm X was initially perceived as a street hustler, up to no good. This criminalized image can be associated with his personality. However, we see that religion plays a big role in the change of his character and self-image. With the new way of life he was pursing through the teachings of Muhammad, he turned his inner core into an educated, focused being. His time of imprisonment no longer defined him because he transcended his personality traits into a stronger stabilized character. It was almost as if his personality led him astray into aimless wandering, but when he changed his ways and outlook on life; he was able to find an autonomous purpose.

“The hardest test I ever faced in my life was praying. You understand. My comprehending, my believing the teachings of Mr. Muhammad had only required my mind’s saying to me, “That’s right!” or “I never thought of that.” But bending m kneed to pray–that act–well, that took me a week.” Building character is not as easy as just performing an action, it is the mental and heartfelt effort behind the actions that keep a person’s core steady and stable.


One Response to “Personality & Character (Saudia Yunus)”

  1. mcarpenter1394 April 12, 2013 at 2:53 am #

    I like the way you have described the difference between character and personality. It is very true with anyone that religion can have a huge impact on someones life. It can effect the character and personality of a person. and i really like how you tied in how his imprisonment doesn’t hold him down, but instead he was able to have a stabilized character.

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