Personality and Character (maria ayala)

11 Apr

Although it may seem as if ones charatcer, and ones personality are one in the same they are in fact different. Character is more about moral and ethical qualities that are not always shown, while ones personality consists of certain aspects of ourselves and our characteristics that we choose to show to others.

In Ragged Dick by Horation Algers, Dick is a poor young boy who lives on the streets. In most cases, a homeless boy wouldn’t be likely to have a very successful future, but because of his character AND his personality he went from rags to riches. In the novel it says “He was above doing anything mean or dishonorable. He would not steal or cheat, or impose upon younger boys, but was frank and straight forward, manly, and self-reliant. His nature was a noble one and had saved him from all mean faults.” Even though Dick is poor he still maintains strong moral and ethical values and refuses to ever steal and this morality shines through because of his actions and his charming personality. He uses this likeable personality to get himself ahead and later on get himself wealthy and off the streets.


2 Responses to “Personality and Character (maria ayala)”

  1. joshspring2013 April 11, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    I think that’s important what you said about personality and how it consists of “characteristics that we choose to show to others”. We all have traits that define us (our character), but what we choose to show others of those traits becomes our personality. It is in this that we see that personality is such a subjective thing.

  2. khu0014 April 16, 2013 at 1:09 am #

    At the same time, I can argue that character is the way other people precieve you based on your moral values and whether you’re a good person or not while personality is “characteristics that we choose to show to others.” as you said.

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