Personality and Character (Kimberly Garcia)

11 Apr

In the Malcolm X piece Saved, Malcolm skates around his past life, not wanting to dwell on the person that he once was. He talks about how he was once a criminal, but never specifies what he did. Since he has distanced himself from that person, that was his personality. Your personality if what you outwardly portray yourself as. Malcolm identified himself as a former “smooth talker” of sorts. Now since he is a religious man, he has parted with his former self

Character is who one really is.   Malcolm could never be who he really was on the streets. He never really knew how. Books allowed him to express what he truly felt in writing and that helped him build confidence in who he actually was, a logical man. Even when he is forced to part from his blood brother, he still has this feeling that something was morally wrong with ostracizing him and petitions to have him brought back into the group. That is an example of Malcolm’s character.


One Response to “Personality and Character (Kimberly Garcia)”

  1. Michael Chu-A-Kong April 11, 2013 at 4:41 pm #

    I strongly agree with the idea that books can build your character Not just books, but readings from anywhere and everywhere. Nowadays our generation steers away from pages and stares at screens. We are very uninterested in reading for we don’t think it’s relatable to our own lives. But I find that reading is like a free education. Expanding your mind to ll\imitless potential os a beautiful thing.

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