Personality and Character (Joshua Makower-Brown)

11 Apr

In his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin explains to his son why being a better person is important, and how to actually do it. He also explains how his character has changed both on  his surrounding environment and his own attempts to change for the better. It is with this that Franklin is able to make a clear distinction between character and personality.

Franklin makes it clear that our personalities are changeable if we try hard enough. He discusses how he has attempted to make himself a better person by following his own list of rules. He is trying to change his personality. However, in this, Franklin also states that one must be willing to make such changes in his or her life. It must be in one’s character to want to change his or her personality for the better. This makes an important distinction between character and personality: personality can change, while character is who somebody is on the inside and cannot change voluntarily.


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