Personality and Character – Cynthia Liriano

11 Apr

Benjamin Franklin, “Continuation of the Account of My Life. Began at Passy,” the article demonstrates how his character defined him base on his environments because he wants to read and be an educator but he feels that he is being left out by other by no one following his same footsteps. It cane be make him different because the environment is changing Benjamin Franklin and how he should portray him to others. I feel when personality is mention during the article it is when Benjamin Franklin talks about his thirteen virtues and how they all started when he got into religion. That is showing something that others do not show because it is something he is doing to become a better person. For example, in the article when he said, “It was about this time that I conceived the bold arduous Project of arriving at moral Perfection.” he is saying that he was to become a better person for himself  and society. He wants to have self-improvement.

Manipulation can coincide with these aspects because in order to achieve in full responsible to do well in life you have to have motivation in having self-improvement with anything to have something to strive for in the long run. The virtues for Benjamin Franklin was a committed respecting the virtue. So, manipulation it can be a good or bad thing depending on the circumstances that they might lead into. For example, in the article is show how he use a chart to follow what he had to do to complete what he intend to accomplish in the first one.


One Response to “Personality and Character – Cynthia Liriano”

  1. joshspring2013 April 11, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    That’s interesting that you say that manipulation can be a good or bad thing. We often do not think of manipulation as a good thing, yet we see it both in this article and in the world today. Manipulation can be a good thing if it makes people do the right thing (for example, a sad commercial for puppies leading them to be adopted), but often are backed by scare tactics (for example, many religions around the world).

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