Personality and Charachter (Mariya Shnayder)

11 Apr

Ragged Dick is a story of a homeless young boy who finds himself struggling to survive. As the story progresses, he is put in many situations in which his luck turns out positive. Ragged Dick is described as a handsome guy, who is very kind and generous towards everyone he meets. We can assume from the text and the story line that dick has a great personality, he seems to get along with everyone he meets. He is very generous and selfless, for example; when he saves the boy from drowning in the pool. Dick doesn’t hesitate to jump in and save the life of an innocent young boy. After the latter event, Dick is offered a job by the boy’s dad.

Unlike character, I believe personality is interchangeable and based off your situation and surroundings. Character is more permanent and I would say is harder to alter. Someone can have good character but a bad personality just because they’re currently in a bad mood. As we discussed in lab, our whole life we’re all being manipulated, and subconsciously doing the manipulation ourselves. We’re all in the same battle, everyone is striving to achieve their dreams and at the end of the say, your friend might be your biggest competition.


2 Responses to “Personality and Charachter (Mariya Shnayder)”

  1. avane73 April 11, 2013 at 4:08 pm #

    I completely agree with your last paragraph. I think the key to success is to use our personality without compromising our character and the ideas that we stand for.

  2. saudia93 April 11, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    I agree that personality is interchangeable based off of your surroundings and situations. Imagine if we acted the same with every person we meet or circumstance that we encounter? I find it interesting how we change our personality to better suit the opinion of the “other” versus acting a certain way without the worry of what “the other” will think about you.

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