Character And Personality

11 Apr

Horatio Alger’s interpretation of the main character in his book, Ragged Dick, is simply a unique combination of personality and character that makes him into the charming, tough, and well-meaning gentleman he appears to be to the reader. Character is who a person truly is, no matter who may be around, and personality is how that person would be perceived by others. Dick’s character is honest, true, and hard-working, while his personality may come off as conniving, difficult or slick– be it in positive or negative ways.

At one point, as the main character is introduced to the reader, Dick exclaims, “Oh, I’m a rough customer!” However, soon after, our hero carries on with “But I wouldn’t steal. It’s mean.”

This is a perfect example of how personality and character are much different from each other. The fact that Dick could see, himself, that store-owners and such would perceive him as a difficult customer, tells the reader about his personality– what exactly he rubs off onto others, and how he can be rough around the edges every now and then. On the other hand, his true, good-natured character shines through when he later states that he wouldn’t take from others what didn’t belong to him.


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