Blog Assignment 5 – Luther Ling

11 Apr

Through Benjamin Franklin’s noble pursuit to become a better character, I saw the difference and relationship between character and personality. I defined character to be one’s personal identity consisting of one’s own morals, virtues, and beliefs, while personality is the projection of one’s identity conceived by others.

In Benjamin Franklin’s case, throughout the second part, he talks about his struggles with and formation of a system he designed (initially for himself, but also for all others of any religion) that furthers his character based on thirteen virtues he conceived to be important. At the end of the day, he judges himself, and makes marks in the small book of his, which emphasizes how his character and its growth are completely personal. He also has a quote from Cicero (“Unus dies bene, et ex perceptis tuis actus, peccanti immortalitati est anteponendus.”) to remind him that he should live according to his own values.

As for Benjamin Franklin’s personality, which is determined by how others see him, a friend described him as “proud”; he would be perceived as “overbearing and rather insolent” he added humility onto his list of virtues. This shows that character and personality, though different from each other, are not separate from each other, as personality is a derivative of character.


2 Responses to “Blog Assignment 5 – Luther Ling”

  1. Evelyn Almonte April 11, 2013 at 5:12 am #

    I agree with you on this matter of character and personality being a derivative of each other. They are separate but related.

  2. serracanca April 11, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

    Character and personality may be related in some ways, but I respectfully see them as two completely different things– one represents your core traits, while another is how others will see you… and those two can be very different from each other.

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