Personality vs Character (Michael Chu-A-Kong)

10 Apr

Drawing on the works of Malcolm X, the reader notices a sort of journey Malcolm X undergoes as he struggles for identity. In a country where nothing seemed good except for the potential for money to be made, people of color were very lost, confused, and had a complex of being inferior. With such feelings, comes a certain resentment towards the people in power, the white man. Then you have people like Malcolm X who decides to take a stand, decides to speak his mind whether what he says is accurate or not. And his beginning words are quite direct and debatably harsh towards the white man. He compares the mere being of white people a problem, a problem that he sought to bring to the general public. This shows a great deal about how his childhood influenced his personality and the way he viewed the world. “Yes! Yes, that raping, red-headed devil was my grandfather! That close, yes! My mother’s father!…. If I could drain away his blood that pollutes my body, and pollutes my complexion, I’d do it! Because I hate every drop of the rapist’s blood that’s in me!”

His comparison of a human to the devil shows a weakness in his character, in his struggle to do good in the world. But when he takes his trip to Mecca, the Hajj, an epiphany opens his mind and his heart. His character is strengthened through a love and appreciation of life. So I think character persuades personality. Because we are all set with different personalities. Most of the time we don’t really change our personalities. We mature into adults with a certain uniqueness to ourselves. Now to develop your character, can change how you personally connect to the rest of the world. It can change the way you look at life, and that’s exactly what happened to Malcolm X.


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