what has resonated with me thus far.

29 Mar

I feel that in the small amount of time in which we have learned about media and its roots, it has impacted to change my opinion and appreciate it way more. The fact that media originated in a way to rebel and let your voices be heard no matter how oppressed your group of people were, is pure inspiration. The early signs of the media with the African American community developed a way to provide information and education to most that were deprived of it all their life. Sometimes I wonder why is it that the media today is so censored and controlled by the government if it was once the only means in which you could do the opposite. I was also amazed to find out that with the photographs taken for messages and to provide impact were actually altered and not purely natural. For example having an idea of what the pic will look like and making the situation come true rather then just stumbling unto something amazing and capturing it. Moving images was something in which was pointed out in class and I never really had put any thought into it until now, As i take the train or see an ad I feel as if I’m crowded with media everywhere I go and realize that it has taken over the world slowly .


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