What has resonated with my soul? (Michael Chu-A-Kong)

25 Mar

This class has me more intrigued than you might see. Ii find it absolutely fascinating that the human race has been fighting itself for centuries. I find it interesting that we commend the people who’ve fought for humanity. We’ve studied the journeys people have been through in “The Black Press” and in the issue of the “New York Times” where people are fighting for simplistic humanity. It’s saddening to see that we can’t get our shit together. But for what it’s worth, I enjoy looking at these journeys for freedom and equality. I understand that our generation has its own journey to take on to make sure humanity doesn’t die down. A large factor of if our journey will play any successful role down the line is whether we will challenge our current government. I think we should be rather careful as I’ve noticed a transition from community-based individuals to money-driven individuals which means we’re eating out of the palm of the government. Perhaps the second half of our media class will prepare us more.


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