What Has Resonated With Me So Far

21 Mar

The discussions and work surrounding the film “Style Wars” has resonated with me most so far this semester. I personally have never really cared to know much about graffiti, but this film changed my whole perspective on the art. Before watching the film, I thought that graffiti was just a hobby and it was, and still is used to just tag names, not art. But “Style Wars”, a film made way before the time I was born, broadened my perspective on graffiti and allowed me to see that at one point it was all art, not vandalism. I also learned that graffiti does not symbolize simply one’s hobby, it is one’s culture. As the class viewed the reactions of the artists as political officials made it harder for them to do what they loved, proved the importance of graffiti to me. These taggers were disheartened by the actions of adding fences to train yards and the city doing everything possible in order to prevent them from tagging. They were no longer able to express themselves and that forever affected their lives. This film transformed the way I now see graffiti, and this change has stood out to me as a highlight so far this semester.


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