What has resonated with me?

21 Mar

Something that resonated with me was the “Style Wars” documentary and the idea of a moving message. Before I watched this, I thought graffiti was just a crime. After watching it and reading another article, I had a new outlook on image, censorship, and control. The government branding graffiti as a crime, in order to keep the city clean, was the right thing to do. Allowing advertisements on trains was not. Although a moving message is very effective, it is hypocritical to allow advertisements but not graffiti. What is the difference between an ad and a “tag”? They both showcase an image or identity. I see no difference. Technically, if I pay a high enough amount of money to MTA, I can tag a train and “advertise” my name. It disturbs me that someone can commit a crime as long as they pay up.


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