21 Mar

I was tempted to go with something image related since that was mentioned twice on the assignment post and because it reminded me of a quote from Blazing Saddles. A quote that I will refrain from sharing as it may offend. A reason that makes me so incredibly sad, but also leads into my larger point. What resonated most with me was Fahrenheit 451, specifically the bits about censorship and just how it came about that we became a book burning, knowledge hating, society. One observes in many of these types of stories about censorship is that the perpetrator is the government, usually through some attempt at power or control. But here, we see, that it wasn’t really the governments fault. They were simply responding to a desire by the people. That fascinated me. The people brought it upon themselves, essentially, through shorter attention spans and unyielding criticisms of perceived inferiority and offensive content. Ah, see what I did there, brought that full circle yes I did. But what fascinates me the most, actually more terrifies me, is the fact that we see all of that everywhere around us on a daily basis. And the implications therein are quite frightening. Although, I’d definitely like to have one of Bradbury’s crystal balls before my trip to Atlantic City next week.


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