21 Mar


What resonated with me the most was this picture presented in class. The sudanese child is being stalked by a vulture, whom is carefully waiting for the perfect moment to eat this child as depicted in this photograph taken by Kevin Carter. What I find most troubling is the background story behind this photograph. Kevin Carter witnessing  this horrifying event and in that time only thinking about taking a good shot. A child who barely can walk anymore cause she hasn’t eaten for days and a vulture looking at a human being as it was his prey. When reporters asked Kevin what happened to the child, he had no answer, because he didn’t do anything about it. It is said that he did chase the vulture away but worse case scenario the little girl stayed there dying from famine and with no one to help her out. It is hard knowing that there are some parts in this world where people’s situation is just 10x worse than anyone can imagine. This image just really got me sad imagining that moment happening before my eyes and asking myself why couldn’t he pick her up? I know in some situations it’s hard for photographers to act upon because it could seriously be dangerous for them but I found that in this particular instance he had the chance and he did not take it. This is one of the most powerful images I’ve seen thus far.


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