What’s Resonated With Me (Colleen Egan)

20 Mar

What resonated with me so far is when Professor Ewen talked about self improvement for the last two lectures. Its interesting that so long ago Benjamin Franklin had the idea of self improvement with taking responsibility for ones self and behaviors rather then by what people do today which is mostly how we worry about how we appear to people. While that is important to look presentable such as being clean and taking care of yourself. People go above and beyond today by using surgery to change how they look. How someone treats others and behaves in society has an effect on everyone and should be what is most important. Behaving in a matter where you steal, cheat and bully others brings down society as well as yourself. And nobody can fix those problems and put in that effort but you and you want to want to make those improvements. I think Benjamin Franklin thinking was very ahead of his time in the way he thought compared to society back then and now.


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