What Has Resonated With Me (Jasmine Moore)

19 Mar

What resonated with me the most from our class discussions and assigned readings was the spread of Visual Vernacular. We learned about the history of art and how up until the mid 19th century artwork was very expensive, so it was not available to everyone. That is until Chromolithography advertisements were created. There were many critics against the idea of chromolithoraphy. They believed it disrespected artists, because these chromolithographs were created using machinery and the work put into making these couldn’t compare with the drawings and paintings of true artists. The real reason as to why critics were against chromolithography  was because it represented social change. It was clear that not everyone was ready to fully embrace this change. It is amazing to see how society has changed over time because today it is evident that people are more acceptable of chromolithography.  Chromolithography is used in all advertisements from products in the super market to pictures that are used as decoration in the home. These pictures are used as a form of expression, and in today’s society chromolithography is apart of everyday life.


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