IMAGE – Resonated Most – Evelyn Almonte

19 Mar

The impact an “Image” makes is what has resonated with me the most.  Whether it is a fabricated image of ourselves or images we are exposed to through media, today an “Image” is like a passport; its like that old credit card line “Don’t Leave Home Without It.” (because you don’t know when you may need it!).  Like that credit card, we carry an “Image” for every situation we must deal with in our everyday lives; fashionista, professional, sports fan,computer geek etc.  We see images in the media, we absorb these images and translate them into our own identity.  Today we build our lives with a totally different formula, and one key ingredient is “the visual vernacular.”   Visual images are responsible for most of the information we capture with our eyes, process through our brains and incorporate into our lives. 


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