Words = Swords

6 Mar

What resonated with me the most about this film is the loss of the African American “Voice” which is a voice that stands for all oppressed people.  We are still dealing with slavery and discrimination today.   In foreign countries women are enslaved for sexual pleasure and profit.  In others, children are exploited in factories and agricultural settings.  Recently there were two relevant issues that are reminiscent of the times when the voices of the African Americans were condemned to silence; the sign in a Michigan Hospital with the father’s request “No African American nurses to treat the child” and the incident in a commercial airline where a man slaps an African American child in the face and proceeds to tell the mother to “shut the little “N-word” mouth.  The loss of the Black Press is a “Voice” we must recover for all people and I mean all, Blacks, White, Hispanics and people of all ethnicities and background.  We are all exposed to some form of discrimination this is why we must pick up the baton for Charlotta Bass, Robert S. Abbot,  Edward “Abie” Robinson, George Barbour, Chester Commodore, James Thompson’s and his double “V” statement, and all the silent heroes that were the voices of the Black Press at the time.  Today’s media can certainly profit from this example; fearlessly defending the rights of the oppressed through the power of the written word.

Evelyn Almonte


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