Soldiers Without Swords (Reyna Perez)

4 Mar

The film “Soliders Without Swords” allowed me to see the true POSITIVE power the media has. Today we easily forget how the power of media can be used for good. What really stuck with me was how the Black Press flipped/used so many negative things to produce positive and encouraging media. For instance, the horrible cartoons that white newspapers and cartoonist printed, depicting blacks with “banana lips” and big heads, would have crushed the spirits of any community yet the Black Press created their own cartoons in which strong black men and women were the heroes of the story. The Black Press could have easily fought back these insulting cartoons by illustrating whites in an exaggerated and hurtful way but instead they illustrated truth, that blacks are capable and equal to whites.

The Black Press can influence new media today by being the standard to which it should model its self after. I feel that today it is so easy for someone to make a negative hurtful post in opposition to an idea, a belief, a community, or even a person that they dislike or disagree with, rather than to take the time to develop any ideas or beliefs of their own. It seems that new media today only knows what it is against and not what it stands for.


One Response to “Soldiers Without Swords (Reyna Perez)”

  1. snchezj March 4, 2013 at 2:21 am #

    I agree it was great to see the black newspapers fight back with positive images of their own people instead of negative image of whites. This was a much more effective and admirable way to empower the oppressed people, and change their own ideas of themselves.

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