Soldiers Without Swords (Saudia Yunus)

4 Mar

The “Black Press” served as an outlet for African Americans to exercise their thought into written, educated word. African Americans were painted with negativity in the white community, leaving the Black Press to prove the positive image they held true to themselves. I had a lot of respect for their strive to spread knowledge to educate others. While the white community tainted the African American community, the “Black Press” along with other newspapers with the same affiliation celebrated the achievements of African Americans. The circulation of knowledge was impressive especially with the efforts against them.

I believe that the “Black Press” stands as a model for what media should strive towards. African Americans at the time used it as a way to voice their side of the story. Media now, just as it was back then, is very biased and one-sided. For example, most news channels lean towards a particular point of view based on their political party alliance. I liked that the documentary showed how the “Black Press,” presented information that was relevant and informative without being vindictive or spiteful, despite the words written by the white community’s newspapers.


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