soldiers without swords – Parveen Keynejad

4 Mar

What stood out to me the most from “Soldiers Without Swords” was their spirit and ambition. Suppression is constantly around us as human beings and during this time the major minority was black people. The fact that these people came together with positive attitudes and knowledgeable minds to educate their communities despite the hardships they faced is inspirational. Media is the peoples tool for communication and though it can be used to influence us negatively in many ways it can always be used to teach and create an abundance amount of awareness. Keeping a high spirit when you are constantly faced with turmoil is extremely difficult, but instead of getting beat down they rose up and found ways to express themselves and have themselves heard in a respectable, affective manor. That simple fact made me feel we should always being doing things like this. We as people should always be trying to create awareness about issues and trying to be heard.


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