Soldiers Without Swords – Mary Carpenter

4 Mar

      I really enjoyed the film Soldiers Without Swords. The film did a good job of retelling the story of how blacks got their voice by writing in an easy to follow chronological order. The film is very powerful to watch as the black people fight for their rights through their words and actually get their point across. We are now able to look back on these articles and get a real perspective of life during those hard times. The other papers gave a one sided reflection on the world and attacked the blacks. The papers written by the black people kept their publishing’s neutral and didn’t attack any other race.
   The importance of this film is to show people how much the media has an impact and an influence on our lives. After watching the movie, I developed a new meaning for the title “Soldiers Without Swords”. The film lets us know that we can win our battles without the harm, and violence that comes with being a soldier. The media gave the black people a voice to speak about the truth, to tell people who they are and what they do. By getting through all the pain, they held their heads up high and kept pushing through the pain and they won the battle.

“With a pen as their weapon, they were Soldiers Without Swords”


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