Soldiers Without Swords (Maria Ayala)

4 Mar

The film “The Black Press: Soldiers without Swords” gives life to a piece of history we didn’t all know so much about. “The Black Press” gave African Americans a sense of unity and voice. Without this outlet they were unable to express themselves in the media because all of the other newspapers were one sided. Unlike in the regular newspapers, “The Black Press” was an opportunity for the African Americans to show themselves in a more positive light.

With the internet so easily accessible I don’t think society has much trouble sharing their opinions or beliefs. However i don’t feel that people use this opportunity wisely. Some of the things we see in the media lack substance and meaning and therefore chance to influence society in a positive way is wasted. Much like in The Black Press, I think we should use the media to shed light on important issues that are pushed aside or ignored.


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