Soldiers Without Swords (Cynthia Man)

4 Mar

The documentary showed the struggle that many African Americans faced during the Civil Rights Movement as well as their sincere efforts to accurately report the news as they saw fit. One of the most interesting aspects of the film was its portrayal of Edgar B. Hoover and his crusade against the black press for what he deemed as a negative influence on American morale during World War II. I felt it showed how politics had a role in shaping many forms of the media both in the past and in the present despite supposed freedom of the press. Another aspect of the film that I found similar to today’s media franchise was the use of advertisements as a way to generate funds. The advertisements themselves were interesting as well because they featured creams that could “lighten your complexion” as if being dark- skinned was a problematic issue. I felt it used people’s insecurities with their self image as a way to generate profit much like any other commercial or advertisement seen today being aimed towards teenagers.


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