Soldiers Without Swords

4 Mar

What stood out to me most from the film was “The Black Press” and its drive and will for power. To face as much discrimination and ridicule for an extended period of time was one thing, but to use that negative energy to fuel something so positive and powerful was astounding. “The Black Press” provided the much needed opportunity to speak for those who have never spoken. It also gave insight on where there were more acceptable economic and social environments within the United States. Which many African Americans in the south had never heard of. All in all, “The Black Press” created an idea of unity and strength, something that African American community needed with all of the racism, violence, and discrimination surrounding them.

“The Black Press” can inform and influence new media outlets by simply stating the truth. The truth can be either beneficial or hurtful in several different situations. “The Black Press” spoke of possibilities and opportunities to help aid the African American community in striving for success in their battle against racism. This ability was powered by “The Black Press” being able to overcome the standard bias news reports and speak of what was actually happening right then and there. Therefore its influence was highly appreciated by many and its information was embraced.


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