Michael Chu-A-Kong

4 Mar

“The Black Press” is a true yet simple example of how little people knew about the happenings in their own regional community. African-Americans were very limited as to what they fed their minds. At the time, newspapers were very one-sided as to how people looked at the wrongdoings of society. Lynching was acceptable, and black defiance was condescended. The majority of the African-American population lived in such a grim fear for their lives that they refused to speak up and demand their humane respect.

What really probed my mind was how hungry African-Americans were when it came to educating their own people. They would risk their entire lives for a greater cause. This is such a commendable movement. Knowledge is indeed powerful. Not only can people fight for respect but implement laws regarding equality and individual freedoms. A desire for freedom is what this country was built on-an opportunity to make a life for oneself and continuously be on the pursuit of happiness. With these newspapers serving as a great channel for a counter-media, African-Americans began to better establish themselves as an equal part of the working class amongst white people.


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