Kimberly Garcia

4 Mar


My favorite thing about “Soldiers Without Swords” was learning about Ida B. Wells. While learning about history in High school, you never hear about journalists. Not even did I hear about her in my AP history class. Ida B. Wells is the happy ending of Frankie May that we all hoped for. Ida B. Wells is revolutionary in a time when both people and color and women were disenfranchised, she broke the mold and became a journalist. She was an investigative journalist and investigated lynch mobs, making the issue that had been swept under the carpet for many years, public.

Today’s media could take note from “Soldiers Without Swords”. Media outlets today are primarily owned by big business companies. We have millions of different news outlets yet all of them stem to just three different companies in the US. The journalists know that they must put a certain slant on stories. A conservative, a liberal, a “common sense” story, all to make it seem as if we do live in this free, “we can say whatever we want” world. The journalists featured in the documentary did not write for money, they wrote for their fellow man. People today could learn from that.



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