The Black Press (Jasmine Moore)

3 Mar

The film ” Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords” was captivating, it made me think about the past of my ancestors and the struggles they endured for freedom and equality.  What resonated with me the most about this film  was the statement made by Vernon Jarret. Jarret  stated that “We didn’t exist in the other papers. We were neither born, we didn’t get married, we didn’t die, we didn’t fight in any wars, we were truly invisible unless we committed a crime.” The Black Press gave African Americans an identity and an outlet for them to express themselves.  It helped uplift the black community by giving them the oppertunity to write about the positive things that African Americans were doing.

The whites were constantly pointing out the negative things that blacks did, as if they were all criminals.The blacks were tired of being judged by the mistakes that other blacks had made. They no longer wanted the whites to speak on their behalf , they were eager and ready to find a way to voice their own opinions. The Black Press united the black community in many ways such as providing employment. This newspaper also helped the blacks stay aware of the current economic and political issues that were occurring during that time.

The Black Press can influence today’s media by helping people to continue to write about important issues that are occurring in the world. I believe today many journalists have their priorities mixed up about what is important and irrelevant. The media such as magazines should not only focus on the lives of celebrities. They should use the media in a positive way, by bringing attention to important issues. The Black Press was created for a good purpose. Today in certain  magazines and television shows their purpose is negative. They are constantly pointing out the mistakes celebrities have made and ruining people’s reputations. Hopefully the success of the Black Press can help guide today’s media in a more positive direction.




One Response to “The Black Press (Jasmine Moore)”

  1. reynaperez19 March 4, 2013 at 12:50 am #

    Reyna Perez: I really liked the quote you picked out from the film. It really is crazy how years ago an entire group of people were dismissed out of society and made to be invisible.

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