Soliders Without Swords Claire Setton

3 Mar

“Black Press” was an amazing film that sent out an even more amazing message. During such a hostile time in American society, a time where racism was accepted, and even expected in many communities, leaders rose to fight for a greater purpose. It always amazed me how powerful words can be. This movie resonated with me because it showed the struggle the African American community went through, but how they used their words, to fight off the evils surrounding them.

Media during this time period wasn’t half of what it is today. But the message remains the same no matter what year you live in. We all fight for the freedom we deserve. Having a newspaper was a great way of sending your message because it was mass circulated, and can travel from state to state. Also for every newspaper bought, two or three men would read the same one. Then when people started reading what these African American leaders were saying they started to understand more of the freedoms they are being denied.

The “Black Press” used white newspaper tactics in order to send the opposite message. Fighting fire with fire worked for them because it showed that they are part of American society, and can be exactly like white newspapers expect they fight for different things.


One Response to “Soliders Without Swords Claire Setton”

  1. col87 March 3, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    Colleen Egan: I felt the same way about the film. I never heard about the black press until this and its really great to see another way that the black communities worked to improve things. The way media is today its crazy how many ways people can get their thoughts out there. Besides the newspapers the internet is one of the biggest ways to do that with how many people keep blogs and also online news websites that people all over the world can see.

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