Soldiers Without Swords- Eva Tawil

3 Mar

       The film “Soldiers Without Swords” resonates a strong feeling of independence. It was inspiring to see African Americans- who for the past hundred years had been told that they are an inferior race, not good enough to speak or do anything for themselves- finally be given a voice. After so many years of being denied every kind of civil right, they were finally given a voice. Even if these newspapers were not largely published and even though there were only a few, the feeling of liberation they must have had at the time is worth more than the actual right to print. 

        I think that this movement in history is a good example of how media is the equivalent of power in our society. By being given the right to print newspapers, the African American community took a monumental step toward equal rights, and began to catch up to White Americans in terms of equality. The ability to form their own media, being able to reach out to other African Americans gave the Black community a power and an authority that they would not have had otherwise. The film showed both how media itself is power and how power is gained through access to media


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