Comment as You See Fit (Joshua Makower-Brown)

3 Mar

What resonated with me in Soldiers Without Swords was the ability of the Black Press to be able to be as open with their language as they wanted because of the lack of overall regulation and standardization. In today’s news, most news outlets claim to tell the whole story without any opinion. In order to accomplish this, everywhere one turns to get information about a story, most places tell the same information about the story. If there is any opinion worked into the story, there is usually backlash towards the company. The opinion is also sometimes seen as going against the grain, or even being scandalous. Lionel on WPIX news is an example of this: his segments are often opinion based commentaries on recent issues. Because he offers his view on the story and not just the facts, he is seen as controversial.

This standardization did not exist among the Black Press. Because of this, the Black Press was able to write their view of a story without ridicule from its readers. Its readers enjoyed reading the views of its authors, and, because of that, had the freedom to report on the stories as they pleased. The white media put blatant racism in stories. Because of this, the Black Press was able to retort with their justified opinions.


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