Bringing a Community Together (Colleen Egan)

3 Mar

How the black press brought together and helped the black community resonated the most with me. They used the papers to help blacks find housing and where they could find employment from an employer that was not racist along with using the paper to speak for themselves after the newspapers printed by whites portrayed blacks in a negative light. After dealing with years of being treated like property and being denied being able to read and write. They used something they were refused to make things better and to fight to make things better for blacks and fought when their newspapers were attacked with being banned or removed such as the newspaper burnings during WII.

In the movie the white newspapers stereotyped blacks and only mentioned them when they committed a crime or some other negative happenings within the community. The comics in the white newspapers often portrayed blacks as cartoonish with large lips or banana lips as one of the people being interviews described them. Newspapers are guilty of this today within their comics as well as the stories they report to a certain extent. While they do report on the positive they often focus more on the negative. It would be beneficial for the media to take what the black press did and what it stood for and apply it to today’s newspapers and other forms of media. Allowing to make newspapers not only a source of things going on in the country and communities but also as a way for groups to communicate and bring up real problems they were dealing with out into the world.


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